To progress, life science companies require investment,

developmental partners, and clear engagement with the research and medical communities. 

80th Atom is a consultancy that develops bespoke communications programmes supporting its clients to access capital, establish and progress relationships with commercial partners, gain access to and influence KOLs, all through building and presenting a strong, credible, corporate rationale.

Adam Michael, founder of 80th Atom, has over 20 years experience in the sector covering drug development, medtech, and diagnostics, from academic spin-outs to multinational corporations. He has operated in multiple roles within the industry including the media and publishing, financial services, business development, KOL engagement and patient recruitment.

A broad commercial and scientific understanding of the sector enables 80th Atom to anticipate its clients' near and long-term communications requirements, provide strategic access to the full-scope of communications channels, and support the delivery of corporate objectives and the corresponding valuation.


Areas of focus

From the immense spectrum of applications for life science technologies, 80th Atom is interested in any advancements, but  focuses on the following:

Disease areas:

  • Alzheimer’s and dementia

  • Infectious diseases

  • Inflammatory disease/allergies

  • Cancer

  • Cardiovascular disease

Other sectors:

  • Renewable energy

  • Materials technology

  • Food provision​


There always have been and will be technologies that reshape and develop our global society for the better. Over the past three decades, the expansion of scientific knowledge that underpins the life sciences has generated revolutionary technologies and entirely new therapeutic approaches. Such intelligence means the extension of healthy, active, and contributory life expectancy to 120 is becoming a reality.


80th Atom seeks to introduce and explain such technologies and therapeutics to the life science and healthcare communities; to advocate for the businesses and their products, grow public interest and knowledge, and support those products through to commercial and societal success.

80th Atom values


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80th Atom is based in Cambridge, UK

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